Food Freedom - The Ultimate Transformation Programme

Enjoy 17 hours of online coaching from a Food Freedom Expert on how to finally have Food Freedom.

Presented by Tanya Unkovich, Author of "F*ck The Food; The ladies guide to letting go".

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Included in the package is an initial coaching session with Tanya Unkovich.

10 Modules

Introduction - Coaching Questionnaire

Hello and welcome. This is a brief introduction to filling out the Coaching Questionnaire prior to your first call with Tanya. Take your time. It doesn't need to be perfect, and you can always add more to it, even after you have sent it through.

Week One - Clarity

We think that everything will be better if only we could lose weight. Many of us have lost weight and asked ourselves, is this it? There is so much more to life than food and being in the shape you want.

Knowing precisely what you want in life, and more importantly knowing yourself, is key on this journey. Be ready to take notes as you discover, uncover, discard and explore what you really, really want.

Have a strong personal identity of who you are is so important as you learn to master your emotional state. 

Week Two - Going within.

Two of the big questions that my clients struggle with the most are "Who am I?" and "Where am I going?"

This week is all about emotional mastery, taking that journey within. To strength your beliefs about WHO you are. When you have certainty in yourself, then your journey through life is so much better.

Week Three - Why we do what we do.

During week three I share some food strategies with you. I also introduce the topic of discovering why you do what you do...especially when it comes to food.

When you learn new ways of living and being with food, then your life changes. You have more time, and more importantly, you have more time for yourself. 

It is now about learning how to eat three meals a day, and live in between. (or however many meals you have).

There is so much more to life now that you have begun to make deep changes.

Week Four - Dealing with what comes up when you put the food down.

Why many people continue to remain not the binge / diet cycle is because they cannot cope with what comes up when they put the food down. 

Many think they could never survive it, until they do. 

During this week you learn about the importance of managing your feelings, hence managing your food.

When you begin to see change in your body, you start to respect yourself more, move more, and take better care of yourself.

Week Five - Resilience and strategies to live without binge eating.

Now before you start on the modules let me say that I have made a couple of adjustments so the introduction may not 100% match the modules below. Do not fear! What I have done is taken a couple of the modules (on Your Values and Passions) that were originally in week five, and placed them either in Week one or Week two.

I have also left them here so if you are seeing them for the second time…then feel free to go past them…or….some people like to do them again as they get a different result!!

This week you are looking at a number of areas…one of them being Mastering Resilience. Which in itself is a massive topic!

Plus….there is a little more exploration on what comes up when you put the food down. The thing is, as you may have noticed, is that the more we put down the food and have more space in our life…..the more other things may come up. So I now encourage you to see it, face it and be ready and willing to let it all go.

This is where our coaching sessions are invaluable…..this is where I say to you, whatever comes up, let it come up! Reach out to me as much as you need at this time, and NEVER apologise for doing it. This is why I am here and this is why I have designed things this way……for you to have the space and freedom to discover, uncover, let out, get out, whatever needs to come out! So, do loads of writing, and let’s shift these blocks once and for all……

Week Six - Clearing out what no longer serves you.

This week we are revisiting your goals…..checking in, recalibrating, and setting you up for the next few weeks. Remember to always celebrate and acknowledge yourself for EVERY win.

You will also be looking at what you may be hanging onto, what no longer serves many things which keep us going back to the food.

Its time to let things go.

Week Seven - Expanding your life and vision.

This week we are revisiting the shifts….the major shifts you need to make in your belief system to be able to solve this problem once and for all.

We are also checking in with your progress; dealing with loneliness; the power of effective decision making and of course….creating a vision for your Future. So Enjoy!

Week Eight - Moving forward, life beyond food.

This week we are taking a look at what your winning formula for success is.

One of those which I suspect will be the Art of Quietening your Mind….being with the stillness…..a delicious place where you want to go……

As always we will touch on food and then in the finale….which I have renamed “The Beginning”…..we will look at the importance of becoming excited about the remainder of your one precious, magnificent life……

Remember… have lifetime access to these modules and you will want to go over them time and time again……

Blog: It's not about the Food

Keep an eye out in this area as I will be adding more content and videos. Alternatively, you can follow me on social media.

My TikTok Channel is mainly about living without overeating, so feel free to follow me there.

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Included in the package is an initial coaching session with Tanya Unkovich.

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